"I made this for all of the small businesses that know they need to do social media marketing better but don't have the time or a large budget." 
- Joseph L Cameron, SnapRaffle Founder
2017 NYC AdWeek Startup Competition Finalist
As seen at: The Propelify Innovation Festival, The Lincoln Park Music Festival, The Moxie Blowdry & Beauty Bar Franchise, and more!
It's FREE!
Free Yourself From The Daily Business Marketing Grind!
Imagine how you would feel if all of the hard parts of marketing your business were automated... what would you do with all of your free time? SnapRaffle makes that dream a reality. 🤩👍

You can automate all of those hard, time-consuming and expensive marketing tasks your business needs to do to get local traffic with SnapRaffle. Social media advertising to drive local traffic, collecting user-generated content from your customers to use on your social media, and sending text blast deals to your customers to drive more repeat business will no longer be things you need to worry about. 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

3️⃣ ways SnapRaffle will free you from the daily marketing grind:
1. Text blast deals to your customers (Drive more repeat business!)
2. Retarget all of your local customers and lookalikes with deal ads on social media (Easily generate new local traffic!)
3. All photos collected can be used on your social media (Save time and money!)

Sign up now and never worry about your business' local marketing again! 💯

...and the best part is, the app is FREE! 👏😮
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get people to enter my SnapRaffle?
Just sign up and we'll handle the rest. You'll receive in-store and online advertisements with your entry phone number to use. Customers text a photo they took at your business or of your products to enter!
Do I have to provide a prize?
Don't worry about paying for a big grand prize, we got it covered. Every customer that enters has a chance to win our current grand prize (a Macbook) and they'll also have a chance to instantly win a smaller prize from your business (usually a small discount).
Will I be able to send text blasts to my customers?
Yes, you can text blast your customers deals (we'll even build your SMS marketing list...) that drive repeat visits and sales. Everyone who enters your SnapRaffle joins your list!
How will this help me drive traffic to my business?
Drive new customers to your business using remarketing. You'll be able to advertise to your current customers and people like them on Facebook and Instagram (which can give your business a huge boost).
How will this help my business' social media?
SnapRaffle will have your customers do your social media! All SnapRaffle entries can be shared or scheduled to your business' social media. You'll constantly have new and unique photos to post (which will make your business look amazing on social media without doing any of the work).
How does SnapRaffle make money?
SnapRaffle makes money when customers want to send out text blasts. Charging a small fee for that allows SnapRaffle to keep the app free.